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6327 Cambridge St. | St. Louis Park, MN. 55416

Our History | Grounded in Small Business

The Business Centers’ commitment to small business started at the very beginning, when John R. Smith purchased his first building in 1964. He needed that building to house his own small business, Gopher Motor Rebuilding, and soon realized there was merit in acquiring properties to help others with similar requirements.

He started with the property at 6327 Cambridge in St. Louis Park, began adding other buildings and then built his first new construction at 6309 Cambridge. Additional properties were added in St. Louis Park and Eden Prairie. The next generation is now in charge, with William F. (Billy) Smith managing Business Centers.

As small business owners, the Smiths understand the challenges of starting and running emerging companies. Their commitment to providing service-oriented facilities stems from their knowledge that a small business functions best when given good resources and maximum flexibility. They view their role as a private sector catalyst in the formation of successful companies as a great opportunity and calling.

Properties For Lease

Business Centers  Is A Smith Co, Management LLC With A Unique Mission: Help Start-Up, Small, And Growing Businesses Use The Business Centers’ Facilities As A Competitive Advantage.

Since its inception in 1976, Business Centers has helped countless businesses go from start-up to success. Of that group, more than 40 still operate in Business Centers facilities. With occupancy rates averaging 98 – 100 percent, the Business Centers’ formula is tried and true. If you help business owners find the right space, service it efficiently and make it affordable, success will follow. 

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Start-up and small companies struggle to find facilities under 3000 square feet. Business Centers can place a company in as little as 250 square feet, with multiple options for expanding that space if needed, up to 25,000 square feet. Space can be configured in various combinations of office, technology, industrial and warehouse use.

Sizing the space to the need isn’t the only criterion for success, however. All companies need quality facilities in good locations. Business Centers has four major sites containing 9 properties and over 150 rental units. Located in the desirable western suburbs of St. Louis Park and Eden Prairie with great access to major highways and services, each property is just minutes from the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport, restaurants, shopping, post office, shipping and delivery services. All Business Centers properties are meticulously maintained and continually updated.


For small and start-up ventures, it’s tough to find essential services of high quality that aren’t linked to unnecessary frills and expense. Business Centers helps companies size their space according to need and budget, whether the business is a new or long-term client. Good planning, both upfront and along the way, contributes to the bottom line. Once a space is selected, Business Centers makes it “like new” for the client. Building maintenance is prompt and effective, keeping companies up and running day-in, day-out. All facilities meet or exceed zoning and code standards.


At Business Centers, leases can be month-to-month, short-term or long-term. This unusual flexibility is unique to Business Centers, which knows from experience that “one size fits all” does not apply to small business. Approximately one-quarter of all Business Centers clients operate on a month-to-month lease.

In addition to flexibility, rents include all costs, with the exception of tax and insurance escalators, and utilities; thereby enabling companies to monitor and control their expenses modified gross leases.

When needed, clients can move to a larger Business Centers space with no penalties. Just as important for all parties, they can use the “Early Termination” option in the lease if necessary.

Due to Business Centers flexible lease terms our available spaces change monthly. Please call for most current availability.